The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland - Live From Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

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(September 2004) 14 tracks: Slow Air and Jig Set: Le Jean / Archie Beag / The Curlew / The Glasgow City Police Pipers * Waltz: We’re a Case the Bunch of Us * Fred Morrison and Jamie McMenemy: Up South * Jigs and Reels: Rory Gallagher / Blue Cloud / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Lord MacDonalds Reel * Kathryn Tickell: Otterburn * Dance Set: Strackonice / Bulgarian Red * Fred Morrison and Jamie McMenemy: Passing Places / Universal Hall * Session Set: Lady Carmichael / The Aird Ranters / Dolina MacKay / The Brown Haired Maid * Jig and Hornpipes: The Grinder / Duncan Johnstone / Orlando Tango * Kathryn Tickell: Remember Me / Carrick Hornpipe / Bill Charton’s Fancy * Drum Showcase: Drum Showcase / Farewell to Erin * Fred Morrison and Jamie McMenemy: Frances Morton Hornpipe * Rock You: We Will Rock You / Lexy McAskill * Encore: Lochanside.

Members of Scotland's National Youth Pipe Band all play in other pipe bands across the country, and compete successfully in solo competition.

The group will not compete, but instead will aim to bring the art form to a wider audience via the concert stage.

With special guests Fred Morrison (border pipes), Jamie McMenemy (bouzouki) and Kathryn Tickell (Northumbrian pipes).

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