National Odyssey - Highlands And Islands Music And Dance Festival

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(November 2012) 23 tracks: Sailor's Hornpipe (4 steps) * Sailor's Hornpipe (4 steps) * Sailor's Hornpipe (5 steps) * Sailor's Hornpipe (6 steps) * Irish Jig (4 steps) * Irish Jig (4 steps) * Irish Jig (5 steps) * Irish Jig (5 steps) * Flora MacDonald (4 steps) * Flora MacDonald (4 steps) * Blue Bonnets (4steps) * Blue Bonnets (4steps) * Scottish Lilt (4 steps) * Scottish Lilt (4 steps) * Barracks Johnnie (4 steps) * Barracks Johnnie (4 steps) * Highland Laddie (4 steps) * Highland Laddie (4 steps) * Earl Of Errol (4 steps) * Earl Of Errol (4 steps) * Village Maid (4 steps) * Choreography * Choreography.

Twenty one tracks of National dances from Scotland followed by two bonus Choreography tracks, all with a West Highland swing.

This CD has been brought out to celebrate the 30th Highlands And Islands Music And Dance Festival, held annually in Oban, Argyll.

Great musicians, all from Argyll, produce superb playing with some tracks on bagpipes and some on accordion.

A great resource for all Highland dancers and teachers with the added bonus of a couple of tracks which could be used for choreography.

Also great for just listening!

Stuart Liddell and Angus MacColl are two of the world's top pipers having both won many piping accolades including Gold Medal at the Argyllshire Gathering, Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting and the Glenfiddich Championship. They are both known worldwide for their creative arrangements of piping standards.

Angus's son, Angus John MacColl, joins in for the first Choreography track. He is enjoying much success on the competing circuit.

Sileas and Neil Sinclair bring new life to the Scottish National Dances with their West Coast sound. Both are well known musicians and teachers, Sileas with the ceilidh band Drams Allowed and Neil leading the Neil Sinclair Sound. Neil was one of the founder members of the Festival and is delighted to be involved in this project.

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