The Western Australia Police Pipe Band - Music of the Gael

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(August 2004) 15 tracks: Declaration of Arbroath 1320 * The Massacre of Glencoe * The Dark Island * The Battle of Waterloo / Roses of Prince Charlie / Lord Lovat’s Lament * Mist Covered Mountains * Ye Jacobites by Name / The Battle of Killiecrankie * Hector the Hero * Journey to Skye * Protect and Serve * Manitoba Flat-top / Overdrive / Chunky’s Dilemma / The Girl from Dungannon / Jane Campbell / J.F. MacKenzie / The Glayva Kid / The Hamster * Theme for the Greenlands * Reverie / Braes of Mar / Kirstie McCalman’s / Shovel Tongue / The Steampacket / Archie Kenneth * Drummers Fanfare: Over the Limit * Waltzing Matilda / Auld Lang Syne * Amazing Grace.

Formed in 1966, the band perform throughout the state of Western Australia representing the Western Australia Police Service. The band participates in many community initiatives as well as performing concerts at various locations.

They have participated in Tattoos in Australia - Hobart, Tasmania, Melbourne and Adelaide - and have also taken part in Tattoos in the UK - Royal Tournament, Colchester Searchlight Tournament and The Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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