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(February 2014)

5 Tracks: Home To Eilean Dearg * Arthur's 50th Birthday Bash * Fraser's Flight / Ace Of Clubs * Telson's Welcome * Confusion / The Last Bus To Mutendere / Square In The Face.

Original music from the live show MOVE, composed by the cast and recorded, arranged by the producers of the show, Wild Biscuit.

This CD is a collection of 5 original instrumental pieces from the live show MOVE.

In 2011 a unique stage show was created in Mid Argyll from a series of dance music workshops, bringing together the worlds of urban break dance and Scottish piping.

In addition to a cast of professional dancers and musicians from all over Scotland, MOVE features a host of Argyll pipers and drummers.

The result was a live show with a cast of 21, melding new and old pipe tunes with funk, jazz, Gaelic song and dance, made in Argyll.

All the compositions are inspired by events and moments in the lives of the writers, and as such are a very personal gift not only to MOVE but also to the musical heritage of Argyll.

The Composers: Christopher Coates, David Provan , Sally Hall, Thomas McCulloch, Ewan McCulloch.

Total music running time 17:38.

"MOVE embodies modern Scotland - vibrant, inclusive and not scared to take chances." Simon Thoumire, Hands Up For Trad.

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