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June 2023


'Lullaby Nan' is a collection of lullabies from Scottish Highland harper and singer Marie-Lousie Napier.

This delightful hardcover book and CD contains handwritten sheet music and lyrics to the lullabies.

Includes Marie-Louise Napier's own special paintings she made for each child's lullaby. Design and other artwork by Elly Lucas.

Create the perfect bedtime for young babies with this beautiful collection of lullabies.

Tracks: Goodnight Little People / My Pigeon House * Coll * Lucy Grace * Esther * Brooke * Fergus * Isla Yasmine * Amber Katie * Isaac * Lewis * Noah * Isla Elizabeth * Finn * Ivy * Joey Grace * Marcy * Dream Angus.

Please note: odd numbers in this tracklisting are spoken intros, the even numbers are the lullabies themselves.

"Dear Listeners. Welcome to my collection of personalised lullabies. There are fifteen in all. I wrote them for the new babies of our family and friends. My mother always sang lullabies to me and my siblings when we were young, and this album is a way of carrying on the tradition. I begin and end the collection with a few of these.
I loved the challenge of making 'bespoke' songs, usually based on the names of the babies. Both words and music are mine. I often created a painting to go with each song which incorporated the lyrics in some way. Elements of these paintings can be found in the album artwork. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them! Night-time songs are a great comfort to children – so keep singing. Lots of love."  Marie-Lousie Napier (aka Nana Lullaby).

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