The Lush Rollers - Out Of The Woods

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(2000) 4 tracks (19 mins): Sit Back * Comfort Me * What To Say * Late Nights.

Willie MacAskill (voice, guitar), Tabs MacAskill (guitar, vocals), Derek Urquhart (drums, vocals) and Robin Abbot (bass, vocals).

Debut EP from the acclaimed Highland alt-country band - four songs from the old dogs of the hard road. Songs of emotional clarity and observant dry wit, forged with four part harmony vocals, drums and guitars.

The Lush Rollers stole out of the shadows of the Market Bar, Inverness in the autumn of 1998. Their music has been described as contemporary Scottish alternative country with shades of 1977 still lurking in the background.

Over the last two years they have played extensively throughout Scotland, with the occasional raid into Ireland and Europe. They were also the only Scottish band to have performed successful showcases at A2A 2001(Amsterdam), SXSW 2002 (Austin, Texas) and AMA 2002 (Nashville, Tennessee).

The debut EP 'Out Of The Wood' introduced their deeply unfashionable music from the heart of the working class. It was however, their second record and debut CD 'Who’s Driving', which really pushed them into the coolest depths of the truly unhypeable.

Finding favour amongst the new 'great unwashed' - 30ish music lovers left on the far shore of the mainstream - it is to these poor souls that the eponymously titled third record 'The Lushrollers' is dedicated.

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