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(December 2016)

12 Tracks: Quoyburray * For Myrtle * Sydney The Pilot * Ian * Out Of My Own Light * The Ascania * CBC Winnipeg * Melville * Margaret's Walk To The Pier * Flying Farmer * Swanbister * Margaret Tait.

Louise Bichan explores her family ties between her native northern isles and Canada.

In 2013, Orkney fiddler and photographer Louise Bichan embarked on a unique musical and sentimental journey, between her native northern isles and coast-to-coast Canada, in the footsteps of her late paternal grandmother Margaret, née Tait (1925-2008).

As a fiddle player, Louise enjoys a wide variety of music but mostly plays and writes folk and traditional Scottish Music.

Between her studies she has been concentrating on her project 'Out of My Own Light' exploring her family ties between her native northern isles and Canada.

Louise Bichan (fiddle, vocals), Jennifer Austin (piano, vocals), Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion, vocals), Su-a Lee cello (vocals),
Duncan Lyall (double bass, moog, vocals), Mike Vass (fiddle, tenor guitar, vocals).

"I have taken inspiration from Margaret's diaries, the memories of my elderly Canadian cousins who I tracked down and interviewed, the precious photographs which remain from her trip, and photographs I took on my own trip in her footsteps. And above all I have been inspired by the traditional music of Orkney, music I grew up surrounded by, music that Margaret had a surprising relationship with. Music that I still play every day." Louise Bichan .

"The Margaret S Tait Project builds a musical bridge between memory and motherland and it's a powerful document." ???? (New Internationalist Magazine).

“Vividly expressive and evocative. . . a wonderfully engaging, absorbing illumination of past lives and family ties” (Scotsman).

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