Linsey Aitken And Ken Campbell - Kith & Kin

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(February 2015)

14 Tracks: Northern Winds * Where The Scots Pine Grow * Island Of Hope * Achachrome * Dundee Bound * Ring Of Aber / Far Away Waltz * Wild Roving * Redlegs * Time And Tide * Bonnie Rose * Silent And Shy * Wheel Of Fortune / Gabby's Waltz * The Giving Kind * Departing Song / La Regina De Piazza Angelio.

This album from Linsey and Ken, beautifully blends traditional and contemporary influences, a super example of Scots folk music.

Linsey and Ken are highly accomplished musicians who compliment each other perfectly with interesting varied arrangements, songs and music about 'kith and kin', each with a tale to tell.

Front Cover painting 'Tree of Life' – Keane. Original Oil painting, depicting one of two hundred stone carvings that date back to Roman times which decorate the Bell Tower of the Duomo in the town of Barga in Tuscany,’The most Scottish town in Italy’.

Linsey Aitken (vocals, cello, piano), Ken Campbell (vocals, guitars, northumbrian pipes, laud).

Guest Musicians: Andy Shanks (guitar, dobro, backing vocals) * Frank Lee (melodeon) * Howard Booster (5 string fiddle) * Nick Turner (backing vocals) * Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki, guitar, percussion).

"All that is best about Scots music and song, integrating myriad strands to produce memorable and well-crafted songs. Two highly accomplished and polished musicians, with many years of experience, combine flawlessly, each seamlessly complimenting the others skills with beautiful harmonies provided by the other. The melodic and sensual tones of the cello weave hypnotically throughout the album... an ideal fit for the songs." Living Tradition Magazine.

"Warm hearted and sufficed with a sense of people and place. Seasoned vocals accompanied by brisk cello.. in contrast wistful, atmospheric, and straight from the heart." Scotsman.

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