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December 2023

9 Tracks: Padangbai * Kouman Nou Ye * Myrakle * Talariya Magariya * Horo * Reiseslatt * Rhesus Macaque * Traktor * Uddevalla.

A debut album from the Glasgow-based fiddler and singer Lauren Collier.

'Uddevalla' takes its name from a town in Sweden where Lauren learned music as a teenager, which is a special place for her and a source of inspiration. 

The album features a unique blend of songs and instrumental tracks from around the world, from Haiti, through Sweden and India, and onto Indonesia and Greece.

"This is a most joyous of albums to listen to on repeat; the music washes over you and through you as if in musical meditation. The musicianship is sublime, the production clean and open, the multi-cultural tones welcoming and absorbing.  Lauren is a performer of the highest quality and standard, she dazzles on every track, the flawless musicianship of her accompanists ensure she delivers a really superb record of the highest standard throughout." Caitlin Barrett, At The Barrier.

Lauren Collier (fiddle, vocals), Calum Muir (guitar, synths), Paul Jennings (drums, percussion), James Lindsay (bass, Moog), Ross Ainslie (bansuri, whistles).



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