Lau - Lightweights And Gentlemen And Live

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(December 2012) 22 tracks: CD1 Hinba * Butcher Boy * The Jigs * Results * Unquiet Grave * Souter Creek * Alyth's And Kris's * Freeborn Man * Moorhens * Gallowhill * Twa Stewarts * The Lang Set 2011 Version.
CD2 Twa Stewarts * Banks Of Marble * Frank And Flo's * Butcher Boy * Sea * The Lang Set * Unquiet Grave * Hinba * Gallowhill * Basil (previously unreleased).

A remastered CD with exclusive bonus tracks - Lau's first two albums in one package!

Lau are a contemporary folk three-piece from Scotland featuring Kris Drever, Aidan O'Rourke and Martin Green.

Lightweights and Gentlemen was originally released in 2007, a mix of original tunes with inspiring arrangements.

The band's captivating live and studio performances have seen Lau pick up three consecutive BBC Folk Awards (2008 -2010).

Kris Drever (vocals, guitar), Martin Green (accordion), Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle).

"Brilliant musicians, thrilling performers, free-thinking visionaries and all-round good chaps as well…small wonder Lau are regarded as the epicentre of the new folk boom." Colin Irwin.

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