Karan Casey - Hieroglyphs That Tell The Tale

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(October 2018)

10 Tracks: Hollis Brown * Down In The Glen * Man Of God * I'm Still Standing Here * Sixteen Come Next Sunday * In The Gutter * You Are The Flower * Doll In Cash's Window * Hold On * Mary.

Hieroglyphs That Tell the Tale is the evocative title of the latest album from Waterford singer Karan Casey.

This long awaited album features mix of traditional and folk song imbued with a modern twist, and songs that showcases Casey's impressive talent as a song writer.

She is joined on vocals by some of her favourite singers, including Karen Matheson, Niamh Dunne, Pauline Scanlon, Maura O'Connell and Aoife O Donovan.

Produced by renowned Scottish musician and Bafta-nominated composer Donald Shaw, the album also features Karan's long-time musical collaborators Kate Ellis, Niall Vallely, James MacKintosh, Ewen Vernal, Dirk Powell and Mike McGoldrick as well as younger voices such as Sean Óg Graham and Catriona McKay. She sings songs from contemporary folk writers Janis Ian, Eliza Gilkyson, Patti Griffin, Mick Flannery and Bob Dylan.

As with previous recordings, Karan sense of social justice comes through strongly in her choice of song, each sung with compelling conviction and a new sense of urgency, calling for an end to war, freedom and fairness for womankind and an increased awareness of the need for more love and compassion in the world. Hieroglyphs That Tell the Tale is Karan’s paean to justice and freedom being attainable through creativity in a world of the imagination where everything is possible.

"Casey’s voice is among the loveliest in folk music and she’s a wonderful interpreter of both contemporary and traditional material." Boston Globe.

"Karan Casey’s latest album is revelatory. She's always been a singer of songs that tell a story and show their muscle. But this collection sees her step into a space that's likely to appeal equally to fans of alt-country and Irish folk alike." Siobhan Long, The Irish Times.

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