Karan Casey - Distant Shore

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(May 2003) 11 tracks: Distant Shore * Another Day * Song of Lies * The Curra Road * The Ballad of Tim Evans * Just A Note * Lord MacDonald's * Quiet of the Night * Bata is Bothar * The Four Loom Weaver * The Jute-Mill Song.

Karan Casey is one of the most instantly recognizable, alluring and original voices in world music today. Her new recording is a collection of potent and beautiful Irish and contemporary ballads.

The subtle and sensitive instrumentation and arrangements illuminate Casey's magical voice. Distant Shore is a follow-up to The Winds Begin to Sing, which won Irish Music Magazine's Best Folk Album award in 2001.

Distant Shore showcases Karan's talent for interpreting traditional Irish songs along with contemporary material by songwriters such as Billy Bragg, American bluegrass/traditional artists Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott, Irish singer/songwriter John Spillane and poet Louis de Paor. Karan also contributes a song of her own.

As well as her regular band of Niall Vallely and Robbie Overson, and producer / keyboard / accordion player Donald Shaw of Capercaillie, Karan is joined by the likes of Michael McGoldrick, Dirk Powell, Ewen Vernal, James Grant, Dezi Donnelly, Paul Meehan and Cillian Vallely, as well as three guest singers - Tim O'Brien, Karen Matheson and John Spillane.

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