Jo Miller - A' The Way To Galloway

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June 2023

14 Tracks: I Was Born In Gallowa * Lads That Were Reared Among Heather * The Hills O Gallowa * Miss Jo Miller / Polharrow New Brig * Kathleen's * Canadie-i-o * The Braes Of Galloway * Gallowa Hills * Buchts O Knockreoch * Lord Ronald * Seasons * Toon O Dalry * Polka Mazurka * Mr Godfrey Smith Of Balmaclellan.

 A' The Way To Galloway is Jo's first album, and features a collection of traditional songs and tunes, the music of her home area of South West Scotland.

Accompanying Jo is a group of fine musicians all with connections to the area.

Includes a booklet with song lyrics.

Jo Miller (voice, fiddle), Amy Geddes (fiddle, viola, voice), Robyn Stapleton (voice), Neil Sutcliffe (piano, concertina, accordion, voice), and Steve Sutcliffe (concertinas).

"This music has thrived in intimate environments - homes, rural schools, small halls - so we have used voices and instruments common to these settings, fiddle, accordion, piano and (perhaps less often) concertino and viola. You will also hear the spoken word, birdsong and singing for dancing. For me, these represent an aural landscape which not only evokes the former life of Glenkens and its people, but also points toward its lively music culture at present." Jo Miller, 2023. 

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