Jimmy Shand Jnr - Dancing With The Shands

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(1994) 18 tracks: Grand March (The Star o' Rabbie Burns) * Waltz Country Dance (Kelvin Grove * Rothesay Bay * Horo My Nut Brown Maiden * Scots Wha' Ha'e) * Military Two Step (Jeannie McColl * It's Nice To Get Up In the Morning * We're A' Scotsmen) * Gay Gordons (John McDonald's March) * Duke of Perth (Duke of Perth * Lass o' Pattie's Mill * Davy Knick Knack) * Fiddle Solo (Jimmy Shand Jnr * Jimmy Shand MBE) * La-Va * Eva Three Step (Dr.Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering * Dundee City Police Pipe Band) * Swedish Masquerade * Virginia Reel (She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain * Let Him Go Let Him Tarry * I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy) * Pride of Erin waltz (Peggy O'Neill) * Mississipi Dip (Beer Barrel Polka) * Strip the Willow (Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre * Athernie Lodge * Midlothian Pipe Band * Kenmuire's On an' Awa') * Melodeon Solo (O Gin I Were A Baron's Heir) * Victory Waltz (Memories of Orkney) * Bluebell Polka * Military Two Step (Golden Wedding Two Step) * St.Bernard's Waltz (My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean * Won't You Buy Me Pretty Flowers * Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?)

Jimmy Shand MBE (accordion, melodeon) with Jimmy Shand Jnr (accordion), Hamish Smith (accordion), Bill Hendry (piano), Stan Saunder (bass), Jack Forsyth (drums) and Jimmy Ritchie (fiddle).

The legendary Jimmy Shand plays accordion with his son Jimmy Jnr.

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