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9 Tracks: Lateral Roots * Observatory * Electroreceptor * Lewisian Complex * Cycles * Skekler * The Smiddy * Jinibara * Holon.

Genre-bending composer and instrumentalist James Lindsay's continues to push the boundaries of Scottish folk, contemporary jazz, and experimental rock music with his latest solo release 'Torus'

His latest release, Torus, continues his trajectory of experimentation in folk music, exploring the tensions and connections between ourselves and our environment.

Along with his solo work, James plays double bass full time with the award-winning Scottish contemporary-folk band Breabach.

Musicians: Angus Lyon (accordion), Ben MacDonald (electric guitars), Deirdre Graham (vocals track 4), Jack Smedley (fiddle) * John Lowrie (keyboard), James Lindsay (bass guitar, electric guitar, Moog, Norman Wilmore (alto saxophone), Scott Mackay (drums), Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion).

"Torus is an exploration of the flows which connect us to our world and a reminder that change is our only constant." James Lindsay.

"The music is adventurous, wonderfully played, well produced and is, above all else, highly enjoyable and entertaining. Torus is an excellent album" At The Barrier.

"Mood, tone and tempo shift as constantly as the tide." Jim Gilchrist (The Scotsman)

"That's one commonality across this record – everything sounds beautiful." Harry Harris (The Skinny)

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