Ivan Drever - Every Breaking Heart

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(1992) 14 tracks: I Am The Night/President Garfield, Here's To You/Planxty Hewlett, A New Day, The Little Ones, For You/High Level Hornpipe, On My Land, Tir Aluinn/King's Own Herbacious Borderers, Maggie's Song, Rowan Drever, To Leave You, The Donar Built Piper/ Road To Mount Tinnierun/ Dinner's Dangerous River Jacket, Had She Been Aye, Fair Fiona's Hand, Farewell To Orkney.

Wolfstone singer Ivan (vocal, guitars, cittern, percussion) with Duncan Chisholm (fiddle), Struan Eaglesham (keyboards, bodhran), Allan Wilson (smallpipes), Micky Austin (banjo).

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