Ian Robertson And Muriel Johnstone - Robertson: A Musical Heritage

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(February 2020)

18 Tracks: 6/8 Marches: Ian Rose, Man Of Mistley / Mr & Mrs McDonald Of Home Park * Set Of Reels: Miss Robertson's Reel / Miss Johnson / Mrs Robertson Of Lawers' Reel / The Croft Conundrum (4x32R) * Salute To Ian Robertson: Muriel Johnstone's Compliments To Ian Robertson / The Struan Char / Robertson Crescent (3x32S) * When Reality Dawns (Slow Air) * Set Of Jigs: Eleanora Robertson's Favourite / Mrs Robertson Of Lawers' Delight / The Robertson's Of Braeside / A Jig For Joan (8x32J) * Set Of Reels: Tom's Majority / Mr Robertson Of Ladykirk / Rickety / Dr Robertson (8x32R) * Slow Air And Slip Jig: Mrs Robertson Of Ladykirk's Favourite / Miss Isabella Robertson's Hornpipe * Set Of Strathspeys: Miss Betsy Robertson / John Robertson / Miss Robertson Edinburgh / Mrs Robertson Of Lawers / Stewart Robertson's Strathspey / Colonel Robertson Of Lawers / Miss Robertson Of Tullybelton / Mr Robertson Of Lude (8x32S) * Pipe Medley: Jim McBay's Welcome / Capt C M Usher's Reel / Four Score Reel * Life, Love And Loss Slow Air * Set Of Jigs: Orfosay / Aunties's Jig / Miss Judy Robertson Of Little Rock / Sedorwood / Ian And Isobel (5x32J) * Waltzes: Jennifer / After The Summer Rain * Set of Strathspeys: Francis Robertson / Peter Knight's Strathspey / William J Birnie / Iain Stuart Robertson (4x32S) * Set Of Reels: Miss Eleanora Robertson's Reel / Miss Stewart-Robertson Of Edradynate / Fiddler O' Bath / Miss Mary L Robertson / Mrs George Robertson's Reel (5x32R) * Mathilde Is A Delight: Air For Megan / A Friend For All Seasons / Half A World Away (3x32S) * Pipe Jigs: On The Road To Fermoy / Betty Jessiman / Home By Dawn (6x32J) * Set of Reels: Willie Taylor's Fiddle / The Awkward Customer / Da Kirks (8x32R) * Waltzes: Waltz For Rebecca And Joe / Every Time I Dance.

A musical feast from Ian Robertson and Muriel Johnstone together they deliver the best in Scottish music.

The programme of music is selected from four centuries where the common thread is that everything was written for a Robertson or by a Robertson.

Music from the great names of the Golden Age of Scottish fiddle music rubs shoulders with 20th century classics as well as composed tunes from Ian and Muriel.

From passionate slow airs to the brightest of reels by way of marches and waltzes, jigs and strathspeys there is something here for listeners and dancers alike.

Ian Robertson (fiddle), Muriel Johnstone (piano).

"It all began with a casual observation about how many tunes are dedicated to someone with the name Robertson. And the further we looked, the more we discovered until we realised that we had enough material for an entire CD!"
Ian Robertson And Muriel Johnstone

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