Ian Hutson And His Scottish Dance Band - The Silver Milestone

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(December 2018)

20 Tracks: Nice To See You (32 Bar Reel) * Lochaber Foxtrot (2/4 March) * Duthie Park (4x32 Jig) * Mayfair Quickstep (Quickstep) * The Falls O'Rogie (8x32 Reel) * Glyn-Gary Swing (6/8 March) * Lady In Red (5x32 Jig) * Memory Waltz (Waltz) * Reel of the Puffins (4x32 Reel - 2 chords) * Kilmorack March (4/4 March) * The Silver Milestone (4x32 Jig) * Golden Slipper Two step (Two-Step) * One O'Clock Canon (5x32 Reel) * Fiona's Polka (Polka) * Geese In The Bog (4x64 Jig) * Eugene Tango (Tango) * Circle of Friends (4x32 Reel) * Gypsy Tap (4/4 March) * Tribute To Euan (4x40 Jig - 2 chords) * Circassian Circle (32 Bar Reel).

A special album release to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Ballintuim Village Hall and the monthly dances held in the hall.

Bandleader Ian Hutson and Chairperson Ann Martin selected a mix of favourite tunes and dances for this live recording along with a new dance devised by Ann called The Silver Milestone.

Sleeve notes include dance instructions for The Silver Milestone.

The Band: Ian Hutson (lead accordion), Alasdair MacLeod (second accordion), Neil Dawson (fiddle), Jim Nichol (piano), Alasdair MacLeod (bass), Gordon Smith (drums).

"Ballintuim Village Hall Committee are proud that 2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of monthly dances held in the hall. To celebrate this milestone, I once again called upon Ian Hutson and His Scottish Dance Band. Ian and I put together a mix of older, newer and favourite tunes and dances for this live recording, including a dance I devised myself called The Silver Milestone. A very enjoyable evening was had by all; dancers, listeners and musicians." Ann Martin, Chairperson.

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