Harem Scarem - Let Them Eat Fishcake

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(November 2002) 14 tracks: Finnish * Never * Frenchie * Is Truagh Nach Robh Mu Chomhla Riut * Ode to Otis * Me Me Me * Predrag The Macedonian * Pray * Wrigley Heeed * Herry Cherry * Scary Neeps * Mal Bhan Chuilleannain * Du's Daein Dat Aa Wrang * Human Metrognome.

Harem Scarem is a band full of bright personalities and their music reflects this - an all-acoustic line-up, their instruments include fiddles, flutes, accordion, guitar and percussion, as well as succulent vocals! Played with great depth and energy, an uplifting choice of tunes is intertwined with traditional and self-penned songs.

Inge Thomson (accordion) is the youngest daughter of a Fair Isle lightkeeper. She is also an accomplished musician/singer/songwriter, and has often been an ambassador for Scotland with her band of superstars Drop The Box as well as others.

Sarah McFadyen (fiddle) hails from Hoy, one of the many beautiful Orkney Islands. She had the great fortune of being taught the fiddle by Jennifer Wrigley.

Nuala Kennedy (flute) was sent out to whistle lessons in Dundalk at an early age, but took up the flute to fill a vacancy in a great local ceilidh band, Ceoltoiri Oga Oighrialla.

Eilidh Shaw (fiddle) is from the west coast of Scotland where she was brought up deeply immersed in traditional music. She also plays with the traditional folk band Keep It Up, the well known all-girl group The Poozies, Shetland pop band Drop The Box, folk-jazz fusion group John Rae’s Celtic Feet, Irish fiddle legend Liz Doherty, and her father's Scottish Dance Band.

Ross Martin (guitar) comes from the tiny scenic fishing village of Arisaig in the West Coast Highlands. He did his time on the fishing boats, and holds the world record for the largest quantity of lobsters landed in one day! Now Ross is a familiar face on Scottish TV, and He has toured extensively worldwide with renowned piper Fred Morrison, folk trio Tabache, and his own band Daimh.

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