Hamish Napier - The Woods

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(July 2020)

21 Tracks: The Pioneer * The Capercaillie Rant / An Taghan * The Tree Of Blessings * The Tree Of Luck * Mycorrhiza / The Tree Of Life * The Tree Of Life / The Tree Of Lightning * The Boortree * The Tree Of Knowledge * Forest Folk * Hawthorn River / The Witches' Tree * The Shield Tree / The Trembling Tree * The Tree of Love * The Tree Of Magic / Venus Of The Woods * The Foragers * The Tree Of The Return * Wildfire * The Tree Of The Underworld * The March Of The Lumberjills * The Regeneration March / Little Berry Of The Moor * The Highest Willows * Forest Time.

A specially commissioned album composed by the multi-instrumentalist and composer Hamish Napier.

This marvellous 6-page digipack includes a 28-page, 6000-word booklet with native tree facts and Highland folklore.

The beautiful detailed drawing of the Caledonian forest by Somhairle MacDonald.

Stunning landscape photography by David Russell at Highland Wildscapes.

Hamish Napier (whistles, wooden flutes, pods, pianos, harmonium, rhodes & wurly), Steven Byrnes (guitars, drum kit, percussion), James Lindsay (double bass), Innes Watson (viola, fiddle, string arrangements), Jarlath Henderson (uilleann pipes), Ross Ainslie (Scottish Pipes: small track 7, Borders Track 19, Highland track 2 and 6), Su-a-Lee (cello, musical saw), Calum MacCrimmon (Canntaireachd vocals), Pete Smith (recording of a capercaillie 'lek' in Caledonian forest - track 21), Will Boyd-Wallis (axe - track 18, loch ice waves and roaring red deer stags in the woods - track17, Northeasterly wind (clarsach - track 17), Willie Laing & Malcom 'Ginge Lee - two man crosscut forestry saw - track 18), Swifts, Wood Pigeon, Tawny Owl, Crestie, Chaffinch, Woodpecker & River Spey (vocals).

"Cairngorm Connect is delighted to commission Hamish Napier, a local Strathspey composer, to produce this new collection of Scottish tunes dedicated to our woodlands." Cairngorm Connect, Oct 2019.

"As a local musician, I am grateful to Cairngorms Connect for this special opportunity. I grew up right next to Anagach Woods in Grantown and spent many hours of my childhood playing there... all 26 tunes are rooted in traditional Scottish folk dancetune forms, woven in contemporary arrangements and enhanced with field recordings made in the woods. For me this is an album of identity, exploring my native languages, music, folklore and natural environment." Hamish Napier.

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