Gren Bartley - Winter Fires

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(April 2013) 10 tracks: I Am Home * Porcelain Hand * Brick * Winter Fires * Hands * Wayward Stars / Kelefaba * Waters Run Dry * Between The Lines * Washed In Grey * The Sun Is On The Yardarm.

A second album from accomplished singer songwriter Gren, blending English folk with American blues.

The ten original songs on this CD demonstrate Gren's songwriting capabilities, as an exceptional wordsmith, arranger, skilful guitar and banjo player.

This is the second CD of a planned five. Such is his passion for songwriting he intends to release a further three over the next few years.

His compositions demonstrate a wide spectrum of styles and his performances is enhanced by his new band line up.

Gren is touring relentlessly either solo, as a duo or with the full band.

He composed the title track Winter Fires for the Bright Young Folk December Sessions in 2012.

The sleeve notes include the lyrics to the songs.

Gren Bartley (guitar, vocals, banjo, harmonica, ebow, slide), Julie Disney (vocals, piano, violin), Dan Wilkins (percussion, kora), Richard Adams (drums, percussion), Robert Hallard (vocals), Linda Adams (vocals).

"Expressive and charismatic, Gren's voice reflects the emotions within each song." (Rebekah Foard, The Bright Young Folk Review).

"One to really look out for..."( BBC Radio 2).

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