Gordon Shand - The Journey

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Journey is the third collection of original compositions from composer and Scottish dance band leader Gordon Shand.

This collection comprises a varied mix of marches, reels, jigs, slow airs and is scored for the Bagpipes and other melody instruments.

Gordon's love for the highland bagpipes provided the impetus for this collection.

Ally Mac
Big Ally Of Tobermory
Ella Michie
Fraser MacInnes Of Tobermory
James & Emma's 18th
Kyle Rowan
Mark's March
Calum MacLean Of Tobermory
Pipe Major Ben Duncan
MacGregor's March
Young Calum
The Surrey Fire Fighter's Pipes & drums
John Carmichael's March
Lynne MacIver
The Road To Holywood

Don't Answer Back

Alan & Gemma's At 8
Bob Mchugh's Welcome To Alloa (anytime)
Boys Of The Loch
Delta Police Pipe Band
Gordon Shand's Compliments To Robert Mathieson
Mairi Rowan Of Bowmore
Peatbog's Welcome To Alhambra
Skerryvore's Welcome To PJ Malloy's
The Force Is Strong
The Producer
The Shed Baker

Aimee Mae

Slow Airs:
Lament For New York
The Shining Light

Davie The Book Man
Gemma MacDonald
John Wood's
Major Gordon Rowan Of Tiree
Just For Gordon
Piping Out The Box
Skerryvore's Alhambra Rock

"There are many gems in the book which I have already started to play." Stuart Liddell (Inveraray & District Pipe Band).

"The Piper's Collection contains Highland sounding Marches, foot – stomping jigs to powerful reels.” Martin Gillespie (Skerryvore).

"It's not a new thing for accordion players to write great music for the pipes but what strikes me about this collection is how current Gordon's tunes feel." Lorne MacDougall, Piper, Traditional Musician and Recording Artist.

Gordon Shand is a well-known accordion player and composer in the Scottish Dance Band scene, having performed on BBC Radio Scotland’s Take the Floor programme on several occasions ove the years. However, his love for the highland bagpipes has been the catalyst for this collection of original, and mostly unpublished material. In the past, Gordon has always been excited to pick up
Gordon's love for the highland bagpipes provided the inspiration for the collection.

"I only recently became familiar with Gordon Shand after stumbling across some YouTube videos while looking for musical inspiration. Not too long after, I was asked would I do a review of this book "Journey – The Pipers Collection". I was intrigued as I had never gone through a book of pipe tunes all written by an accordion player before. How glad I am now to have been asked to do this review! This is a fine collection of music which has the simplicity of the melody lines played on an accordion (which you can hear jumping out of the music as you play it on the practice chanter) coupled with the bagpipe embellishments to add the colour we would associate with our own instrument... Overall, this is a music collection that I am only too happy to include in my collection, to say I was surprised by the quality of the compositions in this book would be a significant understatement." Pipe Major Alen Tully, St Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band, Dublin.

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