Gillebride MacMillan - Air Forladh

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(August 2011) 14 tracks: Dol do dh'Uibhist * Puirt-a-Beul * Tearlach mac Sheumais * Oran nan Giomach * An teid thu leam a ribhinn lurach * An Taillear Mor * Oran Eile air Uibhist * Iain Mac 'Ic Fhionghainn * Tha m' inntinn trom 's cha tog leam fonn * B' annsa Cadal air Fraoch * Forladh Alasdair Bhain * Mo nighean donn 's toil leam thu * Shealgair nan sealg / 'S mor mo shunnd * Gaoth Tuath.

Second CD from this fine young singer from South Uist, who has won both Gold Medals at the National Mod.

A collection of songs with family connections and others from Uist tradition. Gillebride's brother and sister join him singing backing vocals.

The track Norland Wind is a translation by Mairi Kidd and Kirsty MacDonald of a poem written by Violet Jacobs in the Angus dialect of Scots. Jim Reid set it to music.

Gillebride MacMillan (vocals) with Fred Morrison (whistle, small pipes, reel pipes), Deirdre Morrison (fiddle), Ewan MacPherson (guitar), Steve Byrne (bouzouki), Mairi Hall (piano), Rachel Hair (clarsach), Mary MacMillan and Niall MacMillan (vocals), and Martin O'Neill (bodhran).

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