George Stirrat And His Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Accordion Favourites

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(November 2012) 16 tracks: The Black Dance * Highland Piper's Society Of Glasgow * Lorna Ann Stirrat's Waltz * A Kiss For Nothing * Scotland Yet * Road To The Isles * Kiss Me Quick My Mither's Coming * Reels * Gaelic Waltz * The River Cree * Flowers Of Edinburgh Medley * Hornpipe Medley * The Circassian Circle * Jigs * My Love She's But A Lassie Yet * Stirrat's Kate Dalrymple.

A stirring album of vintage tracks from one of Scotland's finest performers.

Digitally enhanced for CD.

Excellent accordion music, with set dances and solo performances.

Popular traditional tunes as well as some of George's own compositions.

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