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(August 2013) 13 tracks: Ian Ghlinn Cuaich * The Emigrant's Farewell * Hector The Hero * Lord Mayo * Geaftai Bhaile Bhui * An Paistin Fionn * Mi Le M' uilinn * Easter Snow * A Hiudai Pheadair Eamainn * Beann Dubh An Ghleanna * Limerick's Lamentation * Ae Fond Kiss * Ni Ar Chnoc Na Ar Isteacht (Neither A High Place Nor A Low Place).

A fifth superb album of slow airs from Gavin, who is hailed one of Ireland's finest tin whistle players.

Gavin plays whistle and uilleann pipes and is a fine exponent of both instruments.

He grew up in Belgard and first played tin whistle as a child. His parents loved traditional music and their enthusiasm was passed on to Gavin.

Known for his work in the successful band Dal Riada, of which he was a founder member.

This is a great chillout album sit back, relax and enjoy!

Gavin Whelan (whistle, uilleann pipes), Paul Doyle (guitar), Peter Eades (keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion), Gavin Ralston (guitar) * Deirdre Smyth (fiddle), Daire Braken (fiddle).

"The album is a compilation of airs that I have done in the past with some new material from new singers." (Gavin Whelan)

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