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(October 2020)

14 Tracks: When Times Are Tough * The Ground She Walks Upon * Big Al And Ibrox * The Last Leviathan * Now I’m Easy * Australian Wine * I'll Lay Ye Doon Love * Dolina * Oh How They All Grow Older * John Thomson * The Iolaire Disaster * Waiting For The Ferry * Sweet Fallen Angels Of War * Ickle Dickle Dido.

An outstanding collection of mainly contemporary songs with five written by Fraser Bruce himself.

Also includes one traditional song and the rest by notable songwriters such as Eric Bogle, Dougie McLean, John Watt and Graeme Miles.

For over 60 years, Fraser Bruce has had an interest in singing folk songs, preferably with a storyline, a chorus and a strong melody. It all started for him when Norman Buchan opened a Ballads Club in Rutherglen Academy where Fraser was a pupil. This club produced many fine singers who became prominent in the early Scottish Folk Club scene of the 1960s.

Fraser's self-penned songs on this latest album include 'stories' of the 'Ibrox' disaster’ (50th Anniversary in early 2021); 'The Iolaire Disaster' (sea tragedy off the Isle of Lewis at the end of WW1) and a children’s song 'Ickle Dickle Dido'. Other songs include Eric Bogle's popular 'Now I'm Easy'; John Watt's song of 'John Thomson' (celebrating his goalkeeping career with Celtic until his untimely death on the football field); Dougie McLean's 'Dolina' (one of many women from the Highlands and Islands who settled in Glasgow); and Graeme Miles' song 'Waiting For The Ferry' (a going away song). All fourteen are great songs and as the title of the album suggests, all with a 'story'.

Musicians: Gavin Paterson (guitar, backing vocals), Yvonne McLeod (accordion); Alastair McDonald (tenor banjo, mouth organ, guitar), Rob Mairs (5-string banjo), Ian Bruce (guitars, bass, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals), Sandy Gibbs (bagpipes), and six young Bruce's adding backing vocals.

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