Flora MacNeill - Craobh Nan Ubhal

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(1978) 18 tracks: An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle) * Cha b'e direadh a' bhruthaich (It was not climbing the hillside) * Faca sibh Raghnall na Ailein? (Have you seen Ronald or Alan?) * Bheir mi sgriob do Thobar Mhoire (I shall take a trip to Tobermory) * Iain Ghlinn Cuaich (John of Glen Cuaich) * Chan e Caoidh Mhic Shiridh (It is not lamenting Macsheerie) * Caolas Eadar Mi Is Iain (There is a strait between me and Iain) * Mo Run Geal Og (My Fair Young Love) * A Bhradag Dhubh (You Black Besom) * Gur Muladach Sgith Mi (I am weary and desolate) * A Mhairead Og (Young Margaret) * Alasdair Mhic Colla Ghlasda (Alasdair, son of gallant Coll) * Mile Marbh-phaig Air a Ghaol (A thousand shrouds on love) * Thig Tri Nithean Gun Iarraidh (Three things come without asking) * Craobh nan Ubhal (The Apple Tree) * Cadal Cha Dean Mi (Sleep I Cannot Get) * Seinn O Ho Ro Seinn * Dh'fhalbh Mo Run Dh'fhag e'n Cala (My Love Has Left The Harbour).

Flora MacNeil is one of the important sources of Scots Gaelic song. A native of the Island of Barra, Flora's characteristic and personal style adds to rather than distorts the essential virtues of her ancient Hebridean heritage. In short she is one of the great singers of the world.

Traditional album of the year 1978 (Folk News).

"Here is some of the finest singing I have ever heard on record ... The real pity is that so few of us understand the language." (MANCHESTER FOLK GUIDE)

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