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(2002) 14 tracks (44 mins): Baldy Hollow * Ballybrolly Jigs * The North Star / The Ghost of Ballybrolly / Mulineira de Santallla d'Ozcos * The Beehive / Poon Hill / Vladimir's Steamboat Glass * Glass Polka G.D.'s * Hooper's Loop * Pressed For Time Granny * Granny In the Attic * Blue Ball / The False Proof / Rosbeg * Suaimhneas Intinne * Rosbeg Larry * Kalamantinos * Larry Get Out of the Bin / Elzic's Farewell / Natterjack * Ramnee Ceilidh / Natterjack's Reel / Conlagh's Big Day.

Another richly stimulating album from Flook. Breathily robust yet often serenely gentle - folk-style flute music floats and pulses through the contemporary settings of new and old tunes.

Featuring John Joe Kelly (bodhran and mandolin), Ed Boyd (guitars and bouzouki), Brian Finnegan (flutes and whistles), Sarah Allen (flutes and accordion) with Martin Cradick (wahwah mandolin), Colin Farrell (fiddle), Seckou Keita (percussion), Rory McLeod (trombone), Mark Tucker (guitar) and Ewan Vernal (bass).

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