Flash Company (A Celebration of 25 Years of Fellside)

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(January 2001) 41 tracks (154 mins)

Disc One: Bram Taylor - The Banks of the Bann * Steve Turner - Bonnie George Campbell * Cockersdale - Cholera Camp * Gerry Hallom - The First Surveyor * Jez Lowe - Licence To Kill / Planxty Zimmerman * Linda Adams - Yellow Handkerchief * Martyn Wyndham-Read - The Exile In Erin * Famous 5+1 - The Banks of Green Willow * Bobby Eaglesham - As I Roved Out * Roy Harris - The Parson and The Clerk * Nic Jones - The Warlike Lads of Russia * Jolly Jack - Doodle Let Me Go * Marilyn Middleton-Pollock - Man In the Moon * Sara Gray and Ellie Ellis - Going To the West / Peach Bottom Creek * Peter Bellamy and Dave Swarbrick - The Maid of Australia * Terry Docherty and Robin Dunn - Sally Wheatly * Martin Carthy - The Bloody Fields of Flanders / Far Over Struy * Swan Arcade - The Wayworn Traveller.

Disc Two: Sandra and Nancy Kerr and James Fagan - The Scalene Set * Steve Tilson - Down Falls the Day * Lucky Bags - Leatherwinged Bat * Keith Kendrick - Some Tyrant Has Stolen My True Love Away * Simon Haworth - Mozie Law / The 11th Avenue Jig * Kathy Stewart - Celestial Shoes * Rick Kemp - Deep In the Darkest Night * Frankie Armstrong and Maddy Prior - The Well Below the Valley * Tryckster - Father O'Rarkey * Sisters Unlimited - Collier Lassie * Rufus Crisp Experience - Angeline the Baker * Clive Gregson - Fred Astaire * Grace Notes - All That Is Gold * John Conolly and Pete Sumner - Fiddler's Green * 422 - Big John McNeil's Set * John Wright - Never Be the Sun * Bob Fox and Benny Graham - The Miner's Life Guard * Hughie Jones - Marques * Mad Pudding - Vahideh's Fine Shoes * John Kirkpatrick - Wassail Song * Buz Collins - December Came Early In This Year * Johnny Silvo and Diz Disley - Trouble In Mind * Alistair McCulloch - Jigs.

Double CD for the price of one. One CD is a re-issue of the LP released to celebrate Fellside's 10 year anniversary with a few adjustments. The other contains a collection of tracks from recent albums.

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