The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Fiddlers' Party

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(1995) 17 tracks (58 mins) including these tunes: The Bluebell Polka * The Military Two Step * Ronald Cooper * The Dwarfie Stane * Canadian Barn Dance * Jock McCallum Of Rodel * Harvest Home * Strip The Willow * The Prince Of Wales * Kenmure's On And Awa' * The Top Of Ben Lomond * Bonnie Dundee * The Jig Of Slurs * Lomond Waltz * Come O'er The Stream Charlie * O Gin I Were A Baron's Heir * Ye Banks And Braes * Logie O'Buchan * Kirkconnel Lea * Dark Lochnagar * The Dashing White Sergeant * The Original * Rakes Of Mallow * The Waves Of Troy * The Stronsay Wedding * The Siege Of Ennis * The Reel Of Kildinguie * The Original * The Eva Three Step * Dovecote Park * Mary Sandeman's Farewell To Ness * Dovecot Park * The Gay Gordons * (Salute To The Corn Kisters) * MacFarlane O' The Sprots O' Burnie Boosie * The Barnyards O' Delgaty * Mormond Braes * The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie * Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre * The Canadian Barn Dance * Duncan McKinnon's Welcome To Port Ellen * John McFadyen Of Melfort * Highland Schottische * Maid Of Islay * The Trumpet Hornpipe * The Britannia Two Step * Whistling Rufus * St Bernard's Waltz * John Robertson's Scottish Waltz * The Boston Two Step * Home To Bon Accord * The Gay Gordons * Major Norman Orr Ewing * The Hills Of Glenorchy * John D Burgess * Highland Schottische * Orange And Blue * Loudon's Bonnie Woods * The Braes O' Mar * Kafoozalum * The Keel Row * Orange And Blue * The Duke Of Perth * The Original * Lady MacKenzie Of Coul * Stumpie * My Love She's But A Lassie Yet * The Original * The Eightsome Reel * Mrs McLeod Of Raasay * The Fairy Dance * The De'il Among The Tailors * Soldier's Joy * The Mason's Apron * Staten Island * The De'il Among The Tailors * Soldier's Joy * The Mason's Apron * Kate Dalrymple.

DVD and CD set.

Watch the dancers take to the floor in the magnificent Great Hall of Borthwick Castle, and see beautiful scenery, all with the music of the world-renowned Scottish Fiddle Orchestra.

This DVD is a collection of the finest Scottish Fiddle Dance music carefully put together to make it easy for everyone to select the music for their favourite dances.

Filmed with a superlative group of dancers in the magnificent Great Hall of Borthwick Castle the viewer can immediately see the overall movement and shape these wonderful dances take on.

Coupled with beautiful scenic footage of Scotland, and danced to the music of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra with their inspiring and charismatic conductor John Mason MBE, The Fiddlers' Party gives you a unique feeling for the dancing and music of this great little country.

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