Feis Rois - 21 Years And Counting (Fichead's Ah-Aon)

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Community Project Of The Year winner (Feis Rois Local and National Ceilidh Trail) at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2012

(June 2009) (1h 45 mins)

Celebrating twenty-one years of Feis Rois, the largest of Scotland's Feisean - these are Gaelic arts tuition festivals, mainly for young people, which take place throughout Scotland.

Throughout 2007, an impressive range of events took place in celebration of Fèis Rois. This one-hour documentary and 45-minute concert DVD showcases this very special year, and features highlights from the annual work of the Fèis, including community classes, the Traditional Music In Schools programme, the three annual residential Fèisean, The Ceilidh Trail, school visits and more.

The DVD includes a recording of the 21st Anniversary Concert at Celtic Connections. As ever, the young participants take centre stage, ably supported by some of Scotland's finest musicians including Phil Cunningham, Donald Shaw, Calum MacDonald, Alison Kinnaird, Charlie McKerron, Eilidh MacKenzie and others.

'Fèis' is the Gaelic word for festival or feast, and 'Rois' is Gaelic for Ross-shire, the home area in which the organisation is based.

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