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(January 2013) 14 tracks: Hugh's American Reel * The Standing Stones / Fiddler's Cramp / Pottinger's Reel * Old Norwegian Polka * Sean McGuire Reels * Norsk Rheinlander * Orkney Isles Hornpipe / Princess Beatrice / Toe Reid * Wes And Maggie's Ceilidh Croft / The Rocket Range / Jamie's Reel * Jig For Jane / Newark Bay * The Cavan Reel / Galway Rambler * Love O' Da Isles * Cotton Patch Rag * Happy Tom / Donald Rodley's Compliments To Oliver Waugh / Alice Tait's Reel * The Fiddle Cushion / The Laird O'Drumblair / The Fiddle Cushion * Mermaid's Chair.

Debut album from this talented young fiddler from Orkney.

Eric is a student at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire and he has also studied with the acclaimed Orkney Fiddler Jennifer Wrigley.

He incorporates a variety of styles in his playing which of course include his love for traditional music.

He is accompanied by the Wrigley sisters and other well known musicians from the Orkney music scene.

Eric Linklater (fiddle), Ryan Couper (guitar), Hazel Wrigley (piano, guitar), Stewart Shearer (guitar, mandolin, banjo), Jennifer Wrigley (fiddle), David Delday (piano), Owen Tierney (mandolin).

"Eric seems to be at home playing in a range of different fiddle styles, and whether it be traditional Orkney music, Scandinavian, the folk music of the Americas or tunes in the Shetland idiom, all are played beautifully." B R Mainland.

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