Duncan McCrone - Colourblind

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(May 2012) 13 tracks: Days Like Today * Colourblind * The Lantern Of The Lonely * I Ain't Marchin' Anymore * Never A Soldier * The Fishing Days * Baltic Street * Ae Fond Kiss * Waiting Here For You * Harbour View Hotel * Wear A Suit * I Wanna Be American * Now That The Stars Have Fallen.

A diverse collection of songs from Glasgow born singer songwriter Duncan McCrone and co-writer and musical collaborator, Cy Jack.

Some original songs, some traditional Scottish works and some very carefully chosen covers by top songwriters of the past and present.

The list of contributors to this CD reads like a Who's Who of traditional and contemporary music.

Duncan McCrone (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Cy Jack (vocals, bass guitar, double bass, piano), Stevie Lawrence (guitar, bouzouki, banjo, mandolin, bodhran, percussion), Chris Stout (fiddle, viola, piano), Finlay MacDonald (whistles, highland pipes), Ray Laidlaw (drums, percussion), Sandy Brechin (accordion), John Goldie (acoustic guitar), Allan Cuthbertson (piano), Dougie Stevenson (dobro), Mike Bryan (acoustic and electric guitars), Julie McCrone, Dave Whitton, John Graham, Sandy Kelso, Barry Thomas (backing vocals), Paul Edwards (acoustic guitar).

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