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(March 2018)

12 Tracks: The Pilgrimage * The Light Of Tuscany * Haze Across The Sun * A Precious Place * Dizzy Blue * The White Bird * Islands On The Edge * Snow On High Ground * The Burial Clouds * Perfect Storm * North To Cape Wrath - The Dark Reel * Bagh Seannabhad.

An eagerly anticipated album featuring fiddle playing at its best from one of Scotland's finest players and composer Duncan Chisholm.

Born and brought up near Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, Duncan has spent most of his life developing his unique musical voice. Duncan’s feather-light handling of dynamics and ornamentation, allied with his pure-distilled tone, lend his characteristic spine-tingling magic to his music.

Taught to play by the great Donald Riddell, few can match Duncan’s eloquent feel for a Highland air. Duncan's well-established musical career has taken him throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, both through his solo work and while playing with other musicians and bands. Duncan plays regularly with gaelic singing sensation Julie Fowlis, sets the heather on fire with his folk rock band Wolfstone and is much sought after as a composer and accompanist.

Sandwood - inspired by the bay of the same name, situated within the far reaches of the north-west coast of Sutherland, which lays claim to hold the finest yet least accessible beach in Scotland.

"My creative world widens with each passing year and the possibilities for self-expression are limitless. Enjoy the music." Duncan Chisholm.

"Surely the smoothest of Scottish fiddlers, Duncan Chisholm has won more awards than most and released a range of recordings…..
Little is straight-forward here – arrangements include a dozen instruments and layer upon layer of harmonies – yet Duncan's music speaks clearly through the complexity, communicating the special nature of Sandwood." The Living Tradition.

"Chisholm is a master of the pictorial and his playing, with its oaky lower-range tone and keening upper register, consistently conveys a sense of place. Together with pianist, flautist and co-writer Hamish Napier, plus a team that includes guitarist and bassist Ross Hamilton, Jarlath Henderson on uilleann pipes and whistles and Donald Shaw providing piano and string arrangements, Chisholm has created a gorgeous soundscape." Songlines 4**** stars.

"With joyously surging melodies that revel in the transcendent wonder of nature, Chisholm conjures an inspirational vision of something greater than ourselves…… This is spiritual music which empathises deeply with humanity’s continuing search for transcendental beauty and enduring truth." fRoots.

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