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(October 2015)

18 Track: Sabhal Ia'n Ic Uisdean (Tannas) * The Blantyre Explosion (Noel McLoughlin) * Auld Wheel/Lads O.Laois / Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass / Twisted Finger (Ross Kennedy) * Bessie Weatherston / Crusaders March / Highlanders / Garb Of Old G (Strathclyde Police Pipe Band) * Mòr Nighean A' Ghibearlain (Iain MacKay) * Slieve Russel / Donald Cameron's Powder Horn (Anna Murray) * Bay of Storms (Ross Kennedy) * The Quiet Man / The Solstice / The Silver Spire (Gavin Marwick) * Thig An Smeòrach As t-Earrach (Ishbel MacAskill) * Lady i.Bottle / Drops O.Brandy / E.Mackenzie's Free... / TheCurlew (Coila Ceilidh Band) * Hornpipes: The Queen Of The Rushes / The Muckle Dram (Stonehaven Pipe Band) * Helen Of Kirkconnel (The Iron Horse) * Waulking Song (Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad / Braes Of Melinish) (Dochas) * Rattlin' Roarin' Willie (Noel McLoughlin) * The Hazy Day / Zeto the Bubbleman / The Last Tango In Harris (Anna Murray) * Mormond Braes / Charles Sutherland (Old Blind Dogs) * The Para Handy Set (Cliar) * Flowers Of The Forest (Isla St Clair).

A splendid album of Scottish music which encompasses the whole spectrum of traditional music.

From Traditional folk and ballads to Gaelic Song, instrumental jigs and reels, stirring pipes and drums.

Performed by a stellar cast.

Includes information booklet.

Noel McLoughlin (vocals), Ross Kennedy (fiddle), Archie McAllister (fiddle), Iain MacKay (vocals), Anna Murray (bagpipe), Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Jonny Hardie (guitar), Ishbel MacAskill (vocals), Ross Kennedy (vocals), Archie McAllister (guitar)
Tannas, Strathclyde Police Pipe Band, Coila Ceilidh Band, Stonehaven Pipe Band, The Iron Horse, Dòchas, Old Blind Dogs, Cliar.

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