Dick Black and His Scottish Dance Band - Never At Hame

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(January 2006) Britannia Two-Step * Pride Of Erin Waltz * Canadian Barn Dance * The Swedish Masquerade * Missisippi Dip * Southern Rose Waltz * Eva Three Step * The Grand March * Polka * Highland Barn Dance * Victory Waltz * Gay Gordon Two-Step * St * Bernard’s Waltz * The Russian Ballet.

Fourteen dance tracks for your pleasure, played by Dick Black (accordion), Bob Abbott (electronic accordion), Donald Campbell (keyboards) and Jack McLeish (drums).

Britannia Two-Step * Down At The Meadowbank Inn * Pride Of Erin Waltz * Irish Air/Bonnie Boy/Treat My Daughter Kindly * Canadian Barn Dance * Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee/Festal Day * The Swedish Masquerade * The Moon Behind The Hill/Willie’s Gane Tae Melville Castle * Missisippi Dip * When You Wore A Tulip And I Wore A Big Red Rose/O Dem Golden Slippers/Let Her Go Let Her Tarry * Southern Rose Waltz * The Boys Of The Mhari-L * Eva Three Step * Mr & Mrs J Mclean/ Glasgow Week In Hamburg * The Grand March * The Crags Of Tumbledown Mountain/ Flora Duncan * Polka * Rhineland Marsch * Highland Barn Dance * The Balmoral Highlanders * Victory Waltz * Dorothy * Gay Gordon Two-Step * The Macneills Of Ugadale/Hugh Wilkinson * St * Bernard’s Waltz * A Welcome Christmas Morning * The Russian Ballet * Sharpshooters’ March;

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