Daniel McPhee - The Sound Of McPhee

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(November 2010) 16 tracks (48 mins): Dr Ross's Welcome To The Argyllshire Gathering / Pipe Major Sam Scott * Captain Carswell / Leaving Glen Urquhart * Cailin Mo Ruinsa / Leaving Barra / Eilidh * The Andy Ross Two Step * The Boys Of Bluehill / The Stack Of Wheat / Biddy Of Sligo * Bob Middleton / McHale's March / Home To The Kyles * Edinburgh Caithness Gathering Waltz * Miss Laura Andrews / The Marquis Of Huntly's Farewell / Leveneep Head * Colonel Maclean Of Ardgour / The 93rd At Modder River * Runrig / Dorothy Leur's Jig / Billy McMorran's Crook / Saddle The Pony * The Ladies From Hell / Eighth Black Watch On Passchendale Ridge * Margaret's Waltz * Seamus MacNeil / Angus Mackinnon * Gin I Were A Baron's Heir * Hazel Villa * Bog Cotton / Columba's Sword / Hamish's Tune.

Another album from the button-box maestro of the far North.

Daniel's accordion technique and musicality are enhanced by the backing of Alastair MacDonald (backing accordion), Manson Grant (piano, bass) and Robert Cameron (drums).

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