The Corries - Live From Scotland vols 1 and 2

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(October 2008 re-release of 1974 recording) 24 tracks (103 mins): Fallady * Mingulay Boat Song * Lads Among The Heather * A Scottish Holiday * Hugh The Graeme * Maggie Lauder * The Roses Of Prince Charlie * Dark Lochnagar * Loch Tay Boat Song * The MHM Song * Flower Of Scotland * Lock The Door Lariston * Sunday Driver * Come O'er The Stream Charlie * King Fareweel * Yur Losin' Them * Ettrick Lady * Nancy Whisky * Sae Will We Yet * Lord Yester * The Reivers Galley * La-Di-Dum * Johnny Ra * MacPherson's Rant.

The top Scots folk duo with powerful songs - a double CD of digitally remastered live recordings.

During the 1970s, at the height of a long and successful career, The Corries embarked on a series of concerts throughout Scotland. A unique atmosphere marked these nights and the resulting recordings are considered among the foremost of their kind.

The Corries were originally a trio, formed in 1962 in Edinburgh - Ronnie Browne, Roy Williamson and Bill Smith. Paddie Bell's angelic voice was added for a short while before she departed to have children, and Bill left the group fairly soon after.

The remaining duo of Ronnie and Roy continued, to establish themselves as one of the top performing acts in Scotland with their mixture of traditional songs with original compositions from Roy, Bill Hill and others.

Roy's song The Flower Of Scotland has become an unofficial Scottish National Anthem. As well as his songwriting and singing skills, Roy also made his own instruments - including the amazing combolin.

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