College Of Piping - Learn The Bagpipe Tutor 3 (New Revised Edition)

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Contents: Exercises: Lesson 1 -3 * Tunes And How To Play Them - Slow Airs: Lesson 4 -5 * Marches: Lesson 6 - 10 * Tunes For Dancing: Lesson 11 - 16 * Tunes For Competition: Lesson 17 - 27 * Hornpipes And Jigs: Lesson 28 - 29 * Theory: Lesson 30.

Tunes: Slow Airs: My Home * The Flowers Of The Forest * Marches: The Thistle Of Scotland * Killiecrankie * Bonnie Dundee * Scotland The Brave * Dance Tunes: Sean Truibhais * Gillie Challum * Devil In The Kitchen * Jock Wilson's Ball * The Barn Dance * Competition Marches, Strathspeys And Reels: Mrs MacDonald Of Dunach * Dorrator Bridge * Lexie MacAskill * Pipe Major Willie Gray's Farewell To The Glasgow Police * Lady Louden * The Rejected Suitor * Hornpipes And Jigs: The Mason's Apron * The Jolly Beggarman * Paddy's Leather Breeches * The Jig Of Slurs * Theory * End Piece.

Tutor 3 introduces some standard pieces for the pipes and offers a comprehensive introduction to music for dancing.

This book, with Tutor 1, has all the light music you need for intermediate piping exams.

Complete with CDROM. Softcover A4, 72 pages.

"Students should take as long as is required to complete the thirty lessons in Tutor 3. There are no shortcuts at this stage of your piping career. Once you have fully mastered the tunes you can be confident of your playing and you will be ready for the 'intermediate to advanced' stage in you study." Robert Wallace Principal, College Of Piping.

"Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing." - Abraham Lincoln.

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