Colin Campbell with Colin Forgrieve And Lisa Moyes - The Rockfield Polka

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(January 2015)

18 Tracks: The Rockfield Polka * 6/8 Marches * The Blue Danube * The Highland Wedding * Turkey in the Straw * La Mer * MacLean of Pennycross * An Island Sheiling Song * The Can Can * March and Reel * Moon River * Marches * The Argyllshire Gathering * Spanish Gypsy Dance * Archie Menzies / High Level Hornpipe * Stack O Barley / Trumpet Hornpipe * Scottish Waltzes * The Black Lynn.

A long awaited album which began as a single and ended in a special last release from Oban's own accordion master Colin Campbell.

Colin is supported on this album by his nephew Colin Forgreive and his granddaughter Lisa Moyes.

This album covers a wide selection of music, traditional Scottish tunes to classics like The Danube and La Mer.

Colin had a great talent and enthusiasm for music and this album showscases his incredible versatility.

The Rockfield Polka was composed by Colin in support of the successful campaign to save the old Rockfield building in Oban (shown in the background of the CD cover).

One of our 'Men Of Argyll' has gone but his music lives on...

Colin Campbell (lead accordion, harmony accordion, midi bass), Colin Forgrieve (drums, piano and second accordion), Lisa Moyes (fiddle).

"Accordionist Colin Campbell, who has died aged 79, fronted his own Highland Band for more than 20 years and was considered one of Scotland's greatest-ever "box" players, with magical dancing fingers. Oban-born and bred, he toured with his band throughout the UK, including at London's Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall, and on several trips to Canada to get expat Scots' feet tapping." Phil Davison (Herald Scotland).

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