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(July 2003) 13 tracks: Sean Ryan’s / Reel Without a Name / The Convenience * A Donegal Reel / McCahill’s * The Journey / Innis Domh Cal I Cadal / Man Overboard * Loch Tay Boat Song * Misty Covered Mountains / Bantry Lassles / Father O’Grady’s Trip to Boher * Hey Ca’ thro’ / The Handsome Young Maiden * Balinka * Buttermilk Mary / The Hunter’s House * The Blazing Turf Fire / Tom Bhetty’s Waltz * Aye Waukin O * The Snuff Wife / Lady in the Bottle / Biddy from Sligo * Sheila Coyle’s * Lady Madeline Sinclair.

Celine Donoghue (tenor banjo, fiddle) was a finalist in the inaugural Young Scottish Traditional Musician of the Year competition and winner of the All Britain Fleadh for tenor-banjo in 2001 - this is her debut CD.

The album title is right, this really is something else! And even though there is so much familiar about it - the traditional tunes and instrumentation - there's so much that makes it stand out * the attention to detail, Celine's arrangements, the combination of instruments and the standard of all aspects of musicianship.

A warmth and depth are imparted by Celine's tenor banjo, and further richness by Wendy Weatherby's cello, the hurdy-gurdy and octave mandola. Familiar tunes such as Buttermilk Mary and the Hunter's House, Sean Ryan's, and even the Loch Tay Boat Song spring back to life at Celine's sensitive touch.

Celtic folk music in a new light - still fiddle-led, still old and new tones, European influences and Scottish songs, but decidedly Something Else.

With Brian McNeill (fiddle), Mick West, Stevie Lawrence, John Gahagan, Wendy Weatherby (cello), Keith and Kirsten Easdale.

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