Ceilidh Minogue - There Y' Are Now

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(November 2008) 12 tracks (54 mins): Gay Gordons * The Witches Reel * Medley * The Dasher * Gaelic Waltz * The Jigs * The Barn Dance * Veleta Waltz * Circassian Circle * The Two Step * Bennachie Sunrise * The Stripper.

The second album from Ceilidh Minogue, an enthusiastic and high energy Scottish ceilidh band.

Talented musicians from top Scottish bands join here in a well-rounded, up-beat and danceable sound.

Tracks include Scottish Ceilidh favourites such as Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordons and Strip The Willow.

The band are based in Scotland but have played all over the world - most recently in Tunisia, Lithuania, Belgium and Bahrain. They have appeared on BBC's Monarch Of The Glen and STV's Heartless series.

Their many clients have included STV, Visit Scotland, Stirling Council, Lifescan (USA), HBOS, Strathclyde University, Diageo, BBC, Ceilidh Culture and many others.

Gregor Lowrey (accordion), Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Alastair Morrow (drums) and Bob Turner (piano).

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