Ceilidh Connections (Scottish Dance)

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(March 2002) 16 tracks: REEL SELECTION (The Flowers of Edinburgh, Waverley Steps, Davy Nick Nack) * DUNOON BARN DANCE (Glen Caladh Castle, Jim McBay's Welcome) * THE COLLEGE HORNPIPE (The College Hornpipe, Miss Gaytons, The Braes of Gleniffer, The Navvie) * HIGHLAND SCHOTTISCHE (Maid of Islay, The Trumpet Hornpipe) * WALTZ (The Glens of Angus, We'd Better Bide a Wee, The Road to Dundee, My Mother) * THE BOSTON TWO STEP (Home to Bon Accord) * DASHING WHITE SERGEANT (Dashing White Sergeant, The Bore Stone, The Highland Lassie, Miss Mary Douglas) * STRATHSPEY AND REEL (Campbeltown Kiltie Ball, J Spence of Yeaspund) * THE DUKE OF PERTH (The Original, Lady Mackenzie of Coul, Stumpie, My Love She's but a Lassie Yet, The Original) * THE GARRY STRATHSPEY (Lochaber Gathering, Tam Bain's Lum) * THE TEETOTALLER (Anne's Reel, Perrie Hoose A'hint the Burn, Miss Susan Cooper) * THE CANADIAN BARN DANCE (Duncan McKinnon's Welcome to Port Ellen, John McFadyen of Melfort) * LOMOND WALTZ (Come O'er the Stream Charlie, O Gin I Were a Baron's Heir, Ye Banks and Braes, Logie o' Buchan, Kirkconnel Lea, Dark Lochnagar) * EARL OF ERROL'S REEL - JIG (Wha'll be King but Charlie, Stool of Repentance) * GALLOWAY HOUSE (Aitken Drum, Rakes o' Mallow, Claverhouse Reel, CM Barbour) * THE EIGHTSOME REEL (Mrs McLeod of Raasay, The Fairy Dance, The De'il Among the Tailors, Soldier's Joy, The Mason's Apron, StatenIsland, The De'il Among the Tailors, Soldier's Joy, The Mason's Apron, Kate Dalrymple).

The Scottish Ceilidh is known throughout the world as a time when people come together to perform, dance and have fun. Music is at the heart of these events, whether it be for dancing to or just to listen to and tap your toe.

The Strathspey, the Highland Schottische, the Dashing White Sergeant and of course, The Eightsome Reel are just some of the dances that are played here, not only by the traditional Scottish Dance Band but also by the enormous sound of the massed fiddles.

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