Capercaillie (album)

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(1994) 10 tracks: The Miracle Of Being * When You Return * Grace And Pride * Tobermory * Take The Floor * Stinging Rain * Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda * Crime Of Passion * Bonaparte * When You Return (widescreen mix) * Dr MacPhails Trance ('92 Version).

1994 found the band working with Soul II Soul member Will Mowat after they heard his work with African diva Angelique Kidjo. This album produced a unique blend of African rhythms and Celtic music, making it the original Afro-Celt recording. This album includes the extraordinary 10 minute 'widescreen' version of 'When You Return' and 'Alistair Mhic', a pulsating version of a Gaelic waulking song the band originally recorded in 1988.

"Capercaillie's vibey music has been tweaked and cajoled into even more entrancing places. Karen Matheson's vocals are the coolest - swirling and slamming - amazingly dynamic... Capercaillie are cutting their own groove with ingenuity and aplomb - mixing the traditional with the futuristic in a commendably funky way" (NME)

"A potent Highland stimulant, mixing sophisticated accompaniments, good original songs and Karen Matheson's enthralling singing" (The Daily Telegraph)

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