Calum Ross - Mu Dheireadh Thall (At Long Last)

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15 Tracks: Failt' Air Rubha Bhatairnis * Gruagach Og An Fhuilt Bhain * An Eala Bhan * A Nighean Bhuidhe Bhain * Calum Beag * 'S cian Nan Cian Bho Dh’fhag Mi Leodhas * Air Fail Il O Ro Mo Mhairi Bhan * Oran Chiorstaidh Bhruis * Sine Chaluim Bhain * Duanag A Chiobair * Tiugainn Leam Thar Saile * Cumha An t-Seana Ghaidheil * Gillean Chleann Dail * Far An Robh Mi’ n Raoir * Mo Runs' A’ Mhaighdeann.

A long awaited album of Gaelic song from multi-Mod medal winner, Calum Ross.

The album features a mixture of songs recorded by Calum for the BBC and some newly recorded specifically for this collection.

Calum Ross won the Nova Scotia Medal and the Oban Times Gold Medal before going on to win the Mod Gold Medal at the Dunoon Mod in 1968 and the Gold Medal for Traditional Singing at the Perth Mod in 1980.

He is one of a relatively small number of people to have won those four medals.

Although Calum was born in Kildonan Drive in Glasgow, his parents originally came from Skye.

Since the 1950's Calum has been a stalwart member of the Govan Gaelic Choir. He has had a long association with the Glasgow Skye Association. Well-kent on the ceilidh and concert circuit.

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