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(October 2015)

16 Tracks: The Scarista Wedding * Math Gu Leor Leam Fhin * The Sutton Persuasion * Chi Mi 'n Geamhradh * DTs Welcome * Earrach Air An Eilean (features Willie Campbell) * Archie's March * Cailin'n Fhuilt Bhain * Murdo A * An Dealan De (features Isobel Ann Martin) * Lachlan Alec Of Uist * Fagail Ghlaschu * Mist On Gweedore * Isabella's Tune * That's Alright With Me (features Adam Cunningham) * Ps 119 Aleph.

This album by Calum is an extensive blend of his musical influences over the past 50 yrs.

Calum presents his music in his own unique style, in the forefront his Gaelic Roots music, traditional Gaelic Psalm singing, piping to Rock, Folk, Blues and Americana.

The Players:
Scott Neubert (guitar / mandolin / banjo / lap steel), Jason Roller (guitar / fiddle), Steve Peffer (keyboards), Dow Tomlin (bass guitar), Peter Young (drums, percussion), Ross Ainslie (Scottish Borders/ Highland pipes), Brian O-hUiginn (uilleann pipes), Anna Murray (Scottish Borders Pipes), Blair Douglas (accordion, track 1), Graham Maclennan (accordion, track 8), Neil Johnstone (cello, track 1), Matheu Watson (guitar), Calum Macdonald (percussion, track 2), Steven Oates (bass guitar, track 11), Hugh Sung (piano, track 10,16), Maurice Sklar (1st violin , track 16), Bette Byers (2nd violin, track 16), Laura Hackstein (viola, track 16), Claudia Vanderschraaf (cello, track 16), Calum Martin (guitars, keyboard, programming).

The Singers:
Isobel Ann Martin (vocals, backing vocals), Iain (Costello) Maciver (backing vocals track 8), Rory Macdonald (backing vocals track 4), Willie Campbell (vocals, backing vocals track 6), Adam Cunningham (vocals, backing vocals track 15), Calum Martin (vocals, backing vocals).

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