Bruce MacGregor And Christine Hanson - Kissin' Is The Best Of A'

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(November 2011) 11 tracks: The Perthshire Hunt / Kissin' Is The Best Of A' / Donald Morison * The Irish Lass / Miss Buchanan Of Cambusmore / Mrs. A MacGlashan * Sunday River Waltz * Her Mantle So Green * The Rant / Bruce MacGregor's Strathspey / The Pipe Slang Etc. * Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I'll Tell The Minister * Mr. A. G. Wilken's Favourite / Mrs Grant Of Grant * Mary MacDonald / Auld Stewarts Of Fothergill / Clydesdale Lasses * Dargai / The Sword Dance / Miss Shepherd * Nancy's Waltz / The Caithness Cowboy * Lament For Captain Simon Fraser.

Two exceptional musical talents combine to produce some great traditional and contemporary Scottish fiddle tunes.

The fiddle and cello are occassionally joined by piano or guitar adding extra rhythm.

This album was recorded in 3 days around 4 mics, in the beautifully atmospheric surroundings of the Habinson's Steading in Morayshire.

Bruce MacGregor (fiddle), Christine Hanson (cello), Tim Edey (guitar, accordion), Brian McAlpine (piano).

"This new album is nothing more or less than a collection of tunes that we enjoy playing. Many are very simple melodies that have survived hundreds of years and will hopefully continue to be played throughout the generations." Bruce MacGregor.

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