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15 Tracks: Tam Soya * The JK Express * Saor (Part I of Hope) * Skye Cottage (Part II of Hope) * Broon's Bairns * New Clear Days * A Timeless Love * Seeds Beneath The Snow (Part III of Hope * Arisaig Boogie * The Devil Came Down To Glenuig * Hash Browns * Metal Midges * Heart And Mind * The Great Unmastered * Slainte Mhath.

A debut album by multi-instrumentalist Steve Brown of Arisaig in the Scottish Highlands.

Since 1993, professional musician Steve Brown has gigged up and down the country, during the lockdown, he completed this album 'Cosmic Ceilidh' which was inspired by family, friends, and life in the Highlands.

The album has a mix of styles from Celtic fusion to World music and Steve showcases his skills on mandolin, electric, and acoustic guitar.

Steve is a great fan of Rush and the sleeve artwork features words from percussionist Neil Peart (Rush).

Cover art by Claire Innes a highland artist based in Lochaber, Scotland.


Steve Brown (guitars, mandolin, piano, keys, accordion, bass, programming), Neil Peart (drums by Sonic Reality Tracks10,13 and14), Eion de Paor (bass track 10, fiddle tracks 10 and14, whistle, flute, and mandolin on 14), Peter Harbridge (cornet tracks 5,6,9, and 12), John Whyte (trombone track 9), Cato and Dudley (vocals on 5).

"Listening to this 'wild aural journey' of an album from start to finish on a chilly Sunday afternoon, cosy on my sofa with a cuppa, I was drawn into the more mellow tracks. 'A Timeless Love' and the closing 'Slàinthe Mhath'. Steve explains the former – a classical guitar solo piece – was inspired by a friend who has passed, and the latter delicate solo piece, is Scottish Gaelic for "good health" particularly resonates given that health is wealth during these unprecedented times." Jodie SheBeat Schofield (

"Dedicated to my fellow musicians, technicians, and venue workers who are struggling through COVID 19 lockdown. Music and the arts are incredibly important on many levels. I hope this album brings a wee smile to your face and puts a spring in yer step. So, crank the tunes, have a boogie, hug your loved ones then let's get down to business!" Steve Brown.

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