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(April 2015)

CD1: 10 Tracks: The Lads 'O The Fair (Brian McNeill) * The Kelpies Suite: Myth, We Toss Our Mains And Wait / We See Them Run / Majesty / The Kelpies' Promise / Mystery (Falkirk School Ensemble) * You Are The Pillar (Mercy Nyirongo And Pupils Of Bandawa Girls Secondary School) * Stirling Brig (Bo'ness And Carriden Band) * A Mariner Who's Never Been To Sea (Andy McKean, Marc Duff And Brian McNeill) * The Terror Time / The Pogoing Painter / Clueless (Pipes - Amy Low) * The Boys That Broke The Ground (Brian McNeill And Andy McKean) * I'm A Bright Light (Louisa Foley, Robyn Gibb, James Greenaway, Mark Adams And Rachel Paterson) * Tam Bain's Lum / Angus MacKinnon (Fiddles - Sheila Airth, Sandy Harvey, John Johnstone, Mary McElroy, Jennifer Simpson And Lorna Swan) * Tae Feed A Hungry Child (Brian McNeill And Sylvia Barnes).

CD2: 12 Tracks: Ndibwerera - Am Coming Home (Mercy Nyirongo, Faith Banda, Dyna Mphepo And Memory Msowoya, plus the pupils of Bandawa Girls Secondary School) * The Great Wheel / Schiehallion (John Somerville, Marc Duff And Steven Holland) * The Men Of Twenty Three (Willy Thomson) * Mr Graham Stirling Of Airth's Strathspey / Airth Castle (Rita McAllister) * The Travelling Nation's Pride (Sylvia Barnes) * Sergeant Stuart 'Gus' Millar / Blackness Castle / William Marshall / Ochil View (Pipes - Emma Buchan) * The Carron River (Andrew Howie) * Bothkenner / The Beauty O' The Bing (Brian McNeill And John Somerville) * Train Tracks (Liam McIntosh And Ellie Williams - Bo'ness Academy) * My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose (Bo'ness And Carriden Band) * The Best O' The Barley (Brian McNeill) * Phala Phala Phala (Prisca Chirwa And Pupils Of Bandawa Girls Secondary School).

Brian McNeill And Friends Celebrate His Home Town's Music.

The Falkirk Music Pot is one of three projects forming part of the Falkirk Creative Place 2014 Award programme. This recording project has been produced on behalf of Falkirk Community Trust and Falkirk Council by multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and author Brian McNeill.

The project has involved Brian of course and other professional musicians and singers, but also includes items by local residents, schools and bands plus recordings from Bandawa Girls Secondary School, Malawi.

This is an amazing mix of songs and music bound to please all music lovers, which has been a labour of love by Falkirk-born Brian McNeill.

Includes infomative sleeve booklet.

"The music itself is exhilarating - and even more exhilarating is the way in which those concerned with this project have pulled together so generously to make it happen....The words 'thank you' seem entirely inadequate. Listen to the CDs and you'll unerstand why." Brian Mc Neill.

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