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(February 2009)

Brian has played with Dervish, Four Men And A Dog, Sean Keane Band, De Dannan and At The Racket on banjo, mandolin and piano. Here he is joined by Alec Finn and Arty McGlynn.

Brian McGrath comes from Brookeborough, Co Fermanagh, an area steeped in traditional music. His first professional work was with Dervish. He then joined Four Men And A Dog and played on the award-winning album Barking Mad.

He moved his career on, accompanying Noel Hill, Paul Brock and Frankie Gavin, among others, before joining the Seán Keane Band as pianist. Brian joined De Dannan, where he stayed till the band broke up in 2003.

Brian now plays with At The Racket, and is much sought after as a session musician on piano, banjo and mandolin.

He has toured extensively, playing with all the biggest names in Irish traditional music including Frankie Gavin, Noel Hill, John Carty, Matt Molloy, Paul Brock, Charlie Lennon, Joe Burke, Seán Maguire, Brian Rooney, Cathal Hayden, Joe Derrane, Arty McGlynn, Alec Finn, Alan Kelly, Dolores Keane, Maura O'Connell, Tommy Fleming, Steve Cooney and Eleanor Shanley, as well as doing extensive TV and media work.

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